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Eco-sustainability and high performance

Building insulation

The building insulation range is characterised by eco-sustainability and high thermal and acoustic performance.

Production of thermo-acoustic panels and mats made of natural and recycled fibres. Available in different densities and thicknesses, they are applied in vertical, horizontal and roof partitions and used to correct and improve indoor acoustics.

Manifattura Maiano: Applicazioni prodotti per l'edilizia

Our range of thermal and acoustic insulation products

Versatility of use, durability and excellent thermal and acoustic performance help achieve the highest standards of living comfort and well-being.

The technical characteristics are certified by accredited laboratories and the limited environmental impact of the entire product life cycle has been measured and verified according to ISO 14044 standards.

Visit the website dedicated to thermal and acoustic insulation.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Felts and insulation for industry

Materials for thermal and acoustic insulation of plants, boilers, industrial environments, sound barriers and sound absorbing structures in general.

Excellent versatility and performance. The technical characteristics of the products comply with international standards and are guaranteed by test reports from accredited laboratories.

Acoustic barriers and sound absorbing structures

Boiler insulation

Insulation for plant engineering


Thermoformable and mouldable felts.

Automotive and transport

Automotive-specific felts.

Manifattura Maiano: feltri tecnici per applicazioni industriali

Visit the website dedicated to thermal and acoustic insulation.

Certification and collaboration

Manifattura Maiano: SGS ISO 9001