The eco-friendly insulating materials by Manifattura Maiano blend characteristics of thermal insulation, sound absorption and acoustic insulation.

The products can be used in all types of construction, from new buildings to renovation to bio-climatic architecture, for application in roofing, walls and floors. Thanks to their appreciable versatility, they ensure outstanding performance in all of their applications and they are durable and reliable over time.

Maiano products do not release dust that is harmful to man and do not require special precautions during handling. Their application is extremely simple.

The range of insulating materials by Manifattura Maiano represents the ideal synthesis between performance, eco-friendliness and affordability, to provide quality insulation to buildings that require high thermal and sound insulation, comfort in the living space and saving on energy.




• eco-friendly products with low environmental impact

• guaranteed quality of the raw materials used

• acoustic performance certified in place

• outstanding thermal insulation

• durability over time

• easyapplication

• ideal for renovation works

• short supply chain

Our insulating materials are ecologically and toxicologically certified Oeko-Tex standard 100

The performance of the materials we use is certified by accredited Italian and international universities and laboratories.

Some of our insulating materials have obtained the important ecological and toxicological certification Oeko-Tex standard 100, the most widespread quality control system worldwide for textile products that guarantees our products are free of:

• Carcinogenic substances or substances deemed harmful to human health

• Volatile particles that are harmful to the respiratory tract

• Substances whose use is restricted by law, such as formaldehyde, heavy metals and pentachlorophenol

• Pesticides and toxic chemical products


Materials developed and certified in place with the cooperation of the Department of the Technology of Architecture and Design, University of Florence.

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