Manifattura Maiano is the Italian leader in the manufacture of bedding and felt for mattresses. We offer a complete range of fabrics/nonwoven fabrics in natural and synthetic fibers, traditional and hi-tech to manufacture any type of mattress: with spring mechanism, in viscose-elastic, latex, expanded materials, futons.

A benchmark in the bedding sector, Manifattura Maiano has over the years developed product innovations that have contributed to improving the quality of the Italian mattress: from the invention of the thermobonded felt to provide springiness to multi-layered bedding. We have always worked alongside our Customers in designing our new collections, providing them the service of over 50 years of experience and hi-tech technology. Fast delivery and extensive warehousing availability allow us to flexibly cater to the evolving needs of the current market

Our products have obtained the important ecological and toxicological certification OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, class I, that ensures product safety, even in contact with the skin of newborns. For more information, read our brochure on the OEKO-TEX® certification:  :  DOWNLOAD
Bedding with PLA Ingeo fiber
Bedding in woolmark certified wool
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